Last Day on Earth: Survival Hack

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last day on earth survival energy hack

Never run out of Energy again!

If you’ve been playing Last Day on Earth: Survival you’ll find that you’ll run out of energy fast from just traveling. We ran into this problem a lot! So we coded a hack that would give us unlimited energy for us to travel to and back to any reachable destination.

Guns and military gear are rare to come by unless… you guessed it. You have to raid a bunker to get these items. You can wait for random events to happen which give you way better loot than when you find random bags and boxes on certain maps. A humanitarian aid drop or plane crash does not happen very often. You’re also met with hordes of zombies trying to eat your alive and other players there to collect the loot as well. Not having enough energy will make this a missed opportunity. Throwing away all your chances of getting any rare items.

last day on earth survival free coins

How would you like Free Coins?

The Last Day on Earth: Survival hack not only gives you a limitless amount of energy, it also can generate coins. Coins are an in-game currency that can be used to buy packs and XP boosts. The hack can generate 10 to 1000 coins at a time. If you need more then all you have to do is run it again and again. Which will basically give you an unlimited amount of coins. There is a one minute cool down in between each request to prevent users from abusing the generator.

Coins can also be used to double your XP over a certain duration of time. You have the option of increasing experience by 100% for 1 day or up to 14 days. Boosting XP for 2 weeks costs 1000 coins. But with the built-in coin generator getting that amount of coins won’t be a problem. The faster you level up the quicker you can start acquiring more advanced blueprints, which you can use to make items and more powerful gear.

God Mode Cheat

One of the most requested features to be added into the hack is GOD mode. This is a cheat we just recently added in the latest build. It works only on maps where there are no other players except for AI controlled zombies. If there are any other human players or if you’re playing with a clan then GOD mode will be turned off automatically. This is to discourage other players from reporting your account for cheating in the game. You wouldn’t want your account banned after putting in many hours gathering loot and building up your base.

Surviving against hordes of zombies is tough especially when you’re trying to loot army bases and bunkers. Trying to survive against fast biters, floater bloaters, and toxic bloaters are almost impossible without decent gear and weapons. Traveling and raiding a bunker is pointless if all you have is a backpack and spear. You’re going to need guns and tactical armor if you want to have a fighting chance.

Tested & Updated Regularly

The LDE:S hack works on iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets. We have tested it thoroughly before releasing it to the public. We’ve had many beta testers on a variety of devices. None have reported their accounts getting banned for using the hack.

This is the best hack for the game you can find online. You will not find any others that do compare to what we offer. Never die from thirst or hunger again. GOD mode lets you fight off hordes of zombies with only your fists. Travel anywhere you want in a short amount of time without ever having to rest to regain your energy. We hope you have fun using the hack as much as we do!

We are constantly adding new features to the Last Day on Earth: Survival hack. If you have any suggestions or requests on what to be added next email us.